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Case Study

Tableau Server Migration

Business Challenge

  • Large Healthcare client was running a multi-cluster Tableau environment on Linux supporting over 900 users with several hundred Tableau projects and over 1,000 production workbooks

  • The Internal IT Tableau Team was dealing with issues when restarting Tableau server after maintenance activity.

  • Several Tableau utilities including Tabjolt were not available with the Linux version of Tableau

  • No option was available to install Tableau Desktop on Tableau server host which can be very handy for troubleshooting and debugging issues related to Tableau Server and testing for network connections

Our Solution

  • Provisioned new Windows servers on AWS and connected it to the client's network domain

  • Established the network connection from new Tableau hosts to the primary data sources

  • Evaluated the Tableau server processes distribution on the multi-node environment by analyzing the stats for server usage patterns

  • Define policies to maximize and maintain Tableau Server performance

  • Installed the multi-node Tableau server environment on Windows and configured the tableau server processes for optimal performance and restore the content from old Tableau on Linux to the new Windows-based environment

  • Conducted detailed testing on all extracts refreshes, subscriptions, and live connections

Business Value

  • Successfully migrated the Linux Tableau environment to Windows without
    any issues or user downtime

  • Updated configuration and redistribution of Tableau services helped
    improved query performance and user experience

  • Significant reduction of time spent on administering Tableau on new
    Windows environment

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