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Increase business efficiency and get greater insight

with a modern data warehouse.

Turn your data into actionable information that helps users across your organization make better business decisions, foster successful outcomes and drive revenue. 

Why do you need a data warehouse? 


A data warehouse is a data management system that enables business intelligence (BI) activities such as reporting and advanced analytics. Data within a data warehouse is comprised of historical information from a variety of sources, such as transaction line of business applications or perhaps external data feeds.


The job of your data warehouse is to centralize and consolidate vast amounts of data to enable you to uncover valuable business insight and improve decision-making. 

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Westberke Consulting can help you quickly build an exceptionally organized and efficient modern data warehouse.
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Using the very best in data warehouse technology, Westberke builds custom data warehouses that can address a variety of business needs and meet high volume data demands. We can ingest almost any type of data and process it to handle data quality issues, validate its accuracy, integrate it with other sources and enrich it with new metrics or data elements. We’ll help you build a comprehensive analytics platform, leveraging the right tools you to deliver top quality information to the right people at the right time - quickly and efficiently.

We start by gathering and analyzing your business requirements to drive the design of your data warehouse and to provide a robust architecture including a data integration (ETL)  framework, dimensional data models, and a reporting semantic model that are fully optimized for analytics and business intelligence.


Organizations continue to invest to expand and modernize their data warehouses to serve as their trusted "single version of the truth" and to provide easy and timely access to data. Westberke has designed and implemented many data warehouses across various industries, both on-premise, and cloud-based, to support enterprise reporting and advanced analytics. 

Our data warehousing services will help you: 
Glass Buildings

Integrate and 

Consolidate Your Data

Our approach to data integration allows us to see the big “data” picture and connect all of your disparate data systems into one continually updated platform that you can easily access. Utilizing our expertise in data integration and ETL design, we can quickly and efficiently merge data from all key sources.


Is your data disorganized or locked up into different silos? We are experts when it comes to removing inconsistent, duplicate or bad data in your systems. We’ll help you get organized and design a system that will allow you to see a complete and integrated view of

your business.   

City Traffic

During our data profiling process, we can assess the quality of your data and make recommendation on how to apply business logic to remove inconsistencies  and address gaps to improve its accuracy. This will help increase the reliability of your data and ultimately improve your business decisions. 


Data Consistency

Improve Data Quality

and Reliability

In conjunction with our Data Warehousing Services, Westberke also delivers supporting custom Business Intelligence Consulting Services to help organizations gain easier access to their information and enhance their overall analytical and reporting capabilities. From data architecture, data integration, data warehouses, data marts, dashboards, and self-service reporting, we can provide you with the right strategic BI solution for your organization. Learn more about our Business Intelligence Consulting Services.

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