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Case Study

Higher Education

Business Challenge

Our Solution

  • Lacked the ability to bring together all the necessary pieces of information to perform more complete analysis of student information

  • Improve efficiencies around data collection and validation

  • Provide easier access to information and reduce the dependency on IT for all reporting

  • Improve analytical and reporting capabilities

  • Integrated data from source systems through multiple phases to provide a 360-degree view of the student lifecycle from prospect to the applicant to the student to alumni

  • Built a semantic layer (universe) which abstracts the tables, joins, and fields into business user-friendly terms that are logically organized.

  • Delivered many valuable reports to serve as seeds by which the organization could use to create new reports and perform self-service reporting

Business Value

  • By integrating data from disparate systems in the data warehouse, analysts can build individual reports that pull data from systems they own as well as systems they previously had no access

  • A significant time saving was realized and friction was eliminated from the analytical process by deploying self-service analytics

  • The dean’s vision for thriving in the growingly competitive graduate school landscape was fulfilled

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