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Case Study

Construction Data Strategy and Roadmap

Business Challenge

  • Client was looking to enhance their overall data management and analytical capabilities to gain better insight, improve efficiencies and transform the organization to be more data driven.

  • Historically, the organization had to build custom solutions to bring data together, resulting in many integrations, a proliferation of ad-hoc queries, logic and data duplication, as well as a reliance on manual processes making it difficult to maintain and scale.

Our Solution

  • Facilitated interviews and workshops, engaging with nearly 20 stakeholders in our effort to better understand current analytics pain points and their respective desired future capabilities

  • Assessed key analytics systems and processes to uncover any major concerns and their ability to support reporting needs

  • Defined specific uses (“use cases”) for data & analytics and the associated business outcomes which informed the data & analytics strategy

  • Westberke recommended a cloud-based data warehouse solution to serve as a “single source of truth” to advance its data analytics capabilities and continue to use data measure performance, and support its goals

Business Value

  • Westberke delivered a multi-year BI Cloud Data Strategy and Roadmap which encompassed consolidation of several disparate systems into a modern cloud data platform

  • The strategy and roadmap contained actionable guidance and a sustainable execution approach which considered organizational structure and culture

  • The implementation plan was a phased approach which included establishing the foundational components, enabling a data driven culture and then driving value from the data

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