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Leveraging Data to Improve


Delivering clean, consistent enterprise-wide data that is easily accessible in a timely manner in order to make faster and better business decisions

Can't access the right data in a timely manner ?

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Lack of data integration

It's difficult to access information due to inefficient processes to gather, consolidate & validate data
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Missing opportunities

Due to a lack of data integration, it's difficult to make decisions to drive short-term growth



Your business flies blind, forced to make decisions on "gut" feeling rather than real information

It doesn't need to be like that!  You can obtain the following:

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Easier access to information

Increase the flow of information across your entire business operations
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Better analytical & reporting capabilities

Better utilization of resources, consistent view of critical business data
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Greater insight for business decisions

Find gaps and opportunities to make better decisions and optimize your business

Meet Westberke

We have extensive Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing expertise across a variety of industries with a proven track record of delivering successful solutions that inform strategic decision-making across the organization.

Our service offerings include

  • BI Cloud Migration Strategy

  • Data Warehousing and Data Lakes

  • Data Integration

  • Data Governance

  • Project Management 

Stock Market Data

The Westberke Data Warehouse  Approach

Data Discovery

We partner with key stakeholders to understand your key goals and assess your current environment to get clarity on it’s current strengths and challenges. This critical step builds consensus on what is possible and produces a game plan to keep the entire team focused on the same goal. The result: A sense of alignment and confidence that the team will deliver a system that meets your objectives the first time.

Design & Development

We architect and build out the data warehouse and BI front-end based on the objectives developed in the discovery step. By the end of this step, you will have a robust, flexible platform that lets you react faster, be more proactive, and make smarter decisions based on timely, accurate information.

Go-Live & Training

Now that the system is ready to automatically deliver a consistent view of data to the business, we manage the roll-out to maximize rapid adoption throughout the organization. This critical user communication and training ensures that everyone in your organization is equipped to efficiently analyze the data to identify opportunities and take action. 


Once live, we monitor the system to ensure it's functioning as designed so the organization can stay focused on strategic business initiatives. We are there to incorporate system enhancements due to changing business needs or user feedback so the data warehouse remains in alignment with the key business objectives.

Consider your data analytics and business intelligence strategy and ask yourself...




How much longer will you continue to miss out on new revenue opportunities due to lack of timely information?

Can you afford to keep wasting time manually gathering and verifying data only to wonder if it is correct?

What is the impact to the organization when making bad decisions due to lack of reliable, timely data?

How much longer can you rely on massive, complex excel spreadsheets that only a few can support and understand?

Business Intelligence
Service Offerings

Westberke can offer end-to-end business intelligence and data management services that leverage our years of technical experience and diverse business perspectives to design and implement modern data solutions to enable critical insights for our clients.

Kevin and his team will be an asset to any organization. His overall Business Intelligence knowledge, analytical skills, and project management style has always delivered high quality results. 

VP of US Operations and IT at Radio Flyer

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