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The data your business uses grows more complex with each passing day. It can be a real struggle to keep your vital business information well organized. Without a solid business intelligence strategy and the right platforms in place, it's even more difficult to make sense of it, to identify important trends in your data, and to leverage this information to make day-to-day business decisions.

Westberke delivers custom business intelligence consulting services to allow easier access to information and enhance your business's overall analytical and reporting capabilities. From data architecture, data integration, data warehouses, data marts, dashboards, and self-service reporting, we can provide you with the right strategic BI solution for your organization.

Organize and control your data in one platform.


When your data is located across multiple, disconnected applications, you begin losing the ability to track vital business information. Your data is rarely contained in one single system, which makes analytics challenging for even the most experienced data professional. So how do you get a full picture of your leads, campaigns, financials, operations, and more? 


Through our Business Intelligence Consulting Services, we can help to consolidate your data from any source and provide your team the insight you need to make faster, smarter, data-driven decisions and propel your business forward.

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Gain deep insight into a prospect or client's wants, needs and attitude. We help you use this insight to build more effective marketing campaigns, achieve better audience targeting, and see the best results.

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Track customer buying trends, what sales areas are struggling, and much more. When housed in a central location, sales data provides a clear, focused picture of your company’s performance.

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Capture insight into the internal and external factors that affect your company's bottom line. Get a holistic view of financial details, identify problem areas and any overlooked trends in data.

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Drive efficiency throughout your business with live, real-time visualization. Identify bottlenecks to optimize business processes, enabling a more agile approach to business operations.

Amplify productivity. 

Assessing raw data manually is a headache (and can take hours). With business intelligence solutions, your team can access, organize and analyze data in minutes. BI will allow you to visualize trends with ease to make smarter, more streamlined decisions about your business. In the end, business intelligence solutions make the process of analyzing and understanding data quicker and far more efficient, ultimately improving overall productivity.

Deeper understanding of your customers & key audiences. 

Customers are at the center of all your operations. One of the greatest benefits of business intelligence is the ability to uncover and analyze consumer trends and patterns in purchase habits. Once you get a deep understanding of customer needs, you can craft tailored messaging and solutions, thus increasing your competitive advantage (and customer satisfaction).

Increase visibility. 

Your organization is changing every day and new sets of data are being added to the mix. Get clear data visibility through reports and dashboards to see the connections between different data across your organizations. BI enhances the visibility of business processes and allows you to drill down on any areas that need improvement. 

Benefits of
Business Intelligence Services

Make insightful, data-based decisions.

Decision-making shouldn’t be based on presumption – it should be based on a comprehensive understanding of all your business data. Business intelligence platforms capture data from CRM’s, portals, websites, ERP’s and more in order to uncover significant trends that can be used to build strategic plans for your business. As a result, business intelligence systems can help you refine organizational processes, uncover potential threats, and also reveal big opportunities to plan for a bright future for your business. 

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